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My Life, My Stories is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides older adults an opportunity to preserve their memories with a matched volunteer. Conversations between the author and volunteer are recorded, transcribed, edited, and printed in hardcover books that our authors can share with friends and family. We focus on helping underserved populations in the Bay Area including people of color, immigrants, low income elders, the homeless, vets, and LGBTQ seniors.

Bob and Susan with book

susan and bob

As a nurse, Susan dedicated her life caring for others. In his chapters, Bob talked about funny pranks he and his twin brother orchestrated to trick strangers. The last chapter of their memoir contains special memories shared between each other. The relationship between Bob and Susan epitomizes the meaning of love.



There is nobody better than Nate to bring a smile to your face. Whether it's serenading you with a Bobby "Blue" Bland tune or recounting one of his many infamous stories of being a ladies' man back in the day, Nate radiates with positive energy. All too familiar with the feeling of loss and pain, Nate is one-of-a-kind in being able to see the good in any situation. 

Nae with book.jpg


Nae’s memoir brought her to tears—it’s filled with memories about growing up in Korea during the war. Her father worked for the government so he was constantly hiding from Chinese and North Korean officials. Nae's mother and her siblings traveled all over the country by foot seeking shelter and safety from friends and family.



A New Jersey native, Mel bought a one-way ticket to California in 1972 and didn’t look back. He found himself homeless at times and lived in SROs and shelters in Oakland for many years. A chatter bug, Mel can make friends in any situation! He now enjoys visiting museums and theater performances whenever he can.

Dee Dee

Dee dee

Dee Dee’s books are filled with stories about being a trans woman and living in SF as a sex worker. She experienced a lot of loss during the AIDS epidemic when many friends and lovers passed away from the terrible disease. Dee Dee is a survivor of many violent homophobic attacks and despite these experiences, she is one of the most positive people we’ve met.



After joining the Navy and fighting in the Korean War, Maria converted to Catholicism and was a nun for more than 14 years. At 94 years old, Maria has lived quite a life—she has been skydiving twice with her last time being in her 70s, and has had multiple pet raccoons. Maria doesn’t believe anyone should be told they’re too old to try something new.

My wife works two jobs to cover my medical costs so I only get to see her once a week. It's a pleasure to have company when she is not able to visit the nursing home.

— Jose, author

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