My Life, My Stories is a non-profit that preserves and shares life legacies of the elderly through the power of storytelling.

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Our beginning

My Life, My Stories started between the founder, Brittany, and her grandmother, Gram. One day when Brittany was visiting home in Cincinnati, Gram lent her autobiographies written by her parents (Brittany's great grandparents). The stories told of family adventures moving to Oregon during the Westward Expansion, opening of one of the first American universities in Europe during World War II, and experiencing what it was like to live in the US during the movement towards desegregation.

“Telling these stories is helping me believe and see that there is a tomorrow.”

— Ms. Hines, program author


Brittany was amazed when reading about major historical events through the lens of her family members. She was beyond proud to learn she was a descendant of the founder of WAC (Women's Army Corps). Gram was over the moon that she was able to share stories about her parents with her granddaughter. So an idea was born between grandmother and granddaughter to foster sharing, learning, and connecting family through storytelling.

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Gram and Brittany

Our vision

Our vision at My Life, My Stories is to enable generations of families to learn from one another by preserving our loved ones' history and practicing empathy and compassion for the elderly.


Get involved

We're always in need of volunteers to meet with authors and/or transcribe recordings. My Life, My Stories would like to offer our services to all diverse residents of San Francisco and are looking for fluent Spanish and Chinese speakers to join the team.

Donations are also vital to our growth. We use your contributions to create high-quality, hardcover copies of seniors' memoirs, which will be passed down for generations. Please consider supporting us today.

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