What we do

My Life, My Stories is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides seniors an opportunity to share the stories of their choosing with a vetted volunteer who will record the conversation about his/her life in their own voice. These stories will be transcribed and printed in bound books along with any photos provided by the participants.

Volunteers use at least two one-on-one sessions to simply get to know the author and establish a level of comfort before any recorder is ever turned on. The entire story-telling experience, which takes place over the course of several months, will offer seniors the opportunity to:

  • Form a personal relationship with a volunteer of a different generation
  • Re-live cherished memories
  • Help create memoirs filled with their very own stories

Ms Hines

Ms. Hines

A lover of live music, theater, and poetry, Ms. Hines knows how to throw one of the best New Years Eve dinner parties in town. She can whip up anything from the perfectly cooked prime rib to 100 pounds of chitlin for her house guests. Ms. Hines shared many stories from exploring jazz clubs in Paris to teaching her children how to be unafraid of love.


Besse X.

At 94, Besse remains sharp as a whip. A Greek American who spent her childhood growing up in Argentina, she has enough worldly knowledge to beat anyone in trivia. With friends regularly visiting from around the world, it's hard to find time in her busy social calendar. When you do manage to chat with Besse, her thoughtful words will remind you about the importance of friendship.  



There is nobody better than Nate to bring a smile to your face. Whether it's serenading you with a Bobby "Blue" Bland tune or recounting one of his many infamous stories of being a ladies' man back in the day, Nate radiates with positive energy. All too familiar with the feeling of loss and pain, Nate is one-of-a-kind in being able to see the good in any situation. 

My wife works two jobs to cover my medical costs so I only get to see her once a week. It's a pleasure to have company when she is not able to visit the nursing home.

— Jose, Program author

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