Brittany Bare

FOUNDER & executive director

Brittany is obsessed about other people's lives (but not in a creepy way). From studying art history in college to finishing a book a week, she can't get enough. After several years of working in advertising in New York City and London, Brittany escaped the rat race and took a step back to discover what was really important to her. In between (temporarily) moving home with her parents in Ohio and a cliché solo trip to Thailand, My Life, My Stories was born. 

"One of my favorite stories was told by my grandmother about a time my dad desperately wanted Doritos when he was a kid. He biked several miles through the Ohio countryside in a blizzard with below freezing temperatures to the nearest gas station. After many hours, he finally arrived home with a bag of Doritos... but also nasty frostbite. FYI, he still loves his cheesy crunchy chips to this day and might do just about anything for a Family Size bag."
Dave George

Dave George

President, board of directors

Born in India, with brief stints in Dubai, Australia, Virginia, and Ohio, Dave now calls San Francisco his home. Living at the intersection of many identities, he navigates the world by relating to others who share elements of that identity, but who are equally perplexed that those identities could co-exist. By drawing on the rich histories of the places he's lived and melding the experiences he's shared with those cities' diverse inhabitants, Dave enjoys telling the unique stories that are often hidden in plain sight--stories that ultimately speak to the relatable and nuanced human condition.

"I come from a family of loud-laughing, story-telling conversationalists. Many of my childhood memories include stories from my grandparents and their world travels, which often had them immersed in many cultures very different from their upbringing. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend more time with my grandmother in the months before she passed hearing her tell numerous stories--of her time as a nurse, of helping my grandfather start/run their small business, and of life raising a large family in a rapidly-evolving post-independence India."

Maggie O'Donnell

Treasurer, board of directors

When Maggie isn't managing investor relations at, she's on the hunt for her next adventure as part of her travel blog, backpacks + snacks. She's climbed the summit of Mt. Fuji, backpacked through Patagonia, and slept under the stars at Yosemite National Park. If you manage to track Maggie down once she's returned from backcountry, she can tell you where to find the best coffee shop in any city.

"I love my parents' hilarious recollections of the horrors of family road trips as kids. My dad just about cries every time he tells the tale of the infamous trip to Long Beach Island when his beloved blue raft flew off the roof of their car and his dad refused to stop to go back for it. My mom loves talking about trips to New Hampshire in her grandfather's station wagon, specifically the time that her cousin's tiny dog Pippy was catching a breeze out of the window when a strong wind caused him to fly out of the car. They did go back for him and thankfully Pippy was unharmed. I'm not sure what it is about things flying off cars in my family, but it sure makes for good stories!"

Julie-Jennifer Nguyen 

secretary, board of directors

Jen's a big believer that life is made up of tiny stories all along the way. She's woven her narrative through different roles across finance, analytics, customer success, product marketing, and her latest adventure: sales. Her past nonprofit work includes a stint on the Junior Board of Music for Autism, an organization that helps autistic children express themselves through music. These days, her weekends are spent cooking with her fiancé, strolling through Hayes Valley, and observing the tiny stories all around her.

"My parents immigrated to the US from Vietnam in 1980, so there's a wealth of fascinating stories about their transition. One of my favorites is about how my mom ate snow the first winter they were here. Vietnam has a tropical climate, so it was the first time she'd ever seen it. Without wasting any time, she grabbed a scoop of it, added some sugar, and went to town on her makeshift Snow Cone. Ever the improviser, she's still known for her wacky ideas in our family today."
Savannah Photo (1).jpg

Savannah O'Malley

Advisory board member

Savannah's story is quite impressive. She started out as a summer intern at the NYC-based non-profit, Teachers Count, and within a few years, quickly rose through the ranks to become the Executive Director of the entire organization. Inbetween her full-time job as an Executive Assistant and empowering educators around the country, she manages to escape the grind by heading to the water. Savannah calls Nantucket her second home and it's guaranteed she can reel in a bigger catch than most seasoned fishermen.

"My father and his family moved to the US from Galway, Ireland in the late 1940s and my Aunt Evelyn often tells a story about one of the mornings during their journey across the Atlantic. As she tells it, they were a day into the trip and she and my grandfather were the only two people in the dining room on the deck of the ship enjoying breakfast as the rest of the ship (including the rest of their family) were overwhelmed with sea-sickness! My Aunt Evelyn claims it was the best breakfast she's ever had. I like to think I inherited my sea-faring ways from her."